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Instruction Kit List

Below is the typical kit list for CMC Instruction Courses. Kit listed for Intermediate and Advanced are in addition to that expected to be taken on a Beginner Course. Some of the equipment may be able to be hired from Bivouac or other outdoor suppliers. Instructors may request changes or additional kit to be bought along. They have the final say over the kit required for each course and they reserve the right to refuse attendance to those who turn up unprepared. The final kit list will be confirmed prior to the start of the course.

• Mountaineering boots (Rigid leather or Plastic).
• Gaiter.
• Crampons with anti-balling plates (check these fit your boots in advance).
• Climbing Helmet.
• Ice Axe (Walking) + Leash
• Walking Poles (Optional)
• Avalanche Transceiver (and spare batteries), Shovel, Probe.
• Day pack big enough to carry lunch, clothing and personal items, etc.
• Pack liner.
• 2 pair warm socks.
• 2 x pair gloves.
• Waterproof outer gloves.
• Waterproof shell jacket
• Waterproof pants
• Warm hat balaclava (must be able to fit under helmet)
• 2 x Thermal tops and leggings.
• Mid layer top/soft shell.
• Down jacket or equivalent.
Sun Hat.
• Sunglasses.
• Ski/snow goggles (optional).
• Sunscreen and chapstick/lip balm
• Water bottle (at least 1.5L capacity) - note that Camel Backs and drink bottles with inbuilt straws can freeze).
• Food - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
• Small personal first aid kit /medication. (BYO Blister Stuff!)
• Sleeping bag for hut (Kennedy lodge has utensils and cooking gear
• Headtorch and spare batteries.
• Hut clothes and shoes.
• Personal Toiletries.
• Poo Pot
• Compass and topo map for region. 
 Note book and pen pencil
• TopoMap for the region.
• Thermos for hot drinks
• Camera

Intermediate / Advanced - Personal
• Ice Axe (Technical) + leash
• Ice Hammer + leash
• Pack Pack liner (at least 50 litres with straps that can take ice tools) 
• Bivvy Bag or lightweight tent.
• Sleeping Mat
• Harness 
• Snow Stake with wire strop
• 5 locking carabiners. (Not mag-log)
• 5 Snap gate carabiners.
• Belay device (ATC Guide or similar)
Personal Safety Sling (120cm SG Carabiner).
• 1 metre tape sling &/or 5m 7mm Cordellette
• 1 120 cm tape slings (Sewn or tied)
• 1 x 240 cm tape slings (Sewn or tied)
• 2 Prussic cords (1 metre and 1.75 metre)
• Pack Leash x 60cm (Prussik cord 7mm x 120cm)
 V-thread (abalokov) hook 
• Rock Shoes (Optional)

Intermediate / Advanced - Per Climbing Pair
• Rope (50 - 60m Single)
• Cams x 6 (#0.5 – 3) 
Wires x 8 Assorted 
• Pitons x 4 (Angle, Blade or  Lost Arrow)
• Quickdraws x 4 - Extendable (made from a 60cm sling) 
• Ice screws x 4 (13-16cm and 19-22cm)  
• Cooker Plus fuel for 2 people for the length of the course 
• Cooking Pot