The Club runs a regular programme of trips. To sign up for a trip, or find more information, contact the trip leader.  

Information about leading trips and the CMC trips policy is found here

Current programme

Dates: 12 February 2017
Destination: Mt Oakden
Description: Climb of Mt Oakden from the top of Lake Coleridge
Contact: George Gerard

Dates: 18/19 March 2017
Destination: Cloudy Peak
Description: Climb of Cloudy Peak in the Rangitata River Valley.  Lots of fantastic alpine rock climbing routes.
Contact: George Gerard

Dates: 25/26 March 2017
Destination: Bastion Peaks
Description: Climb of the Bastion Peaks in the Arrowsmith Range
Contact: Nick Moyle

Dates: 8/9 April 2017
Destination: Turret Peak
Description: Climb of the Turret Peak in the Rolleston Range from the Wilberforce
Contact: Ryan Nicol

Dates: 13/14 May 2017
Destination: Mt Bowen
Description: Climb of Mount Bowen via Mikonui Spur
Contact: Ryan Nicol

Dates: 7/9 July 2017 (Back up weekend 14/16 July 2017)
Destination: Mt Stewart, Arthur's Pass
Description: Walk into Crow Hut on Friday after work (leave town at 4pm). Climb the north-east ridge of Mount Stewart on Saturday. Walk out from Crow Hut on Sunday.
Trip requirements: You must have completed at minimum a snowcraft course and one-post course climb in snow, or have equivalent experience. You must also bring a transceiver, shovel and probe and know how to use this equipment. Safety is the most important consideration when climbing, so you will not be able to sign up for this trip if you do not meet these requirements.
Contact: Lorraine Johns