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Jamie Vinton Boot's Coroners Findings

Attached is the report of Coroner David Crerar on Jamie's fatal accident in 2013. The key findings are in paragraphs 53 & 54 the import of which are that climbers should endeavour to be aware of avalanche conditions and carry appropriate avalanche related equipment (although noting that avalanche equipment would have made difference in the circumstances). It is a useful and thoughtful report, especially in the way it deals with elements of risk in mountaineering.

A new mountaineering book has been published by Barry Smith: 'Mountains... only Mountains'.

E-book available online here

In "Mountains ... only Mountains", Barry Smith comments on and describes his approach to the culture of mountain climbing. This book describes some of the ups and down of his climbing, his reflections on climbing, and celebrates his life-long love of the mountains and valleys of New Zealand. He has included some of his poems and photographs from his times in the hills from the 1950s.