Barker Hut

Barker hut is a memorial hut to Neville Barker. The hut is at the head of the White River, approximately four hours tramping from the Carrington Hut at the junction the White & Waimakariri Rivers. The first Barker Hut was built in 1945 at the south end of the tarn from a Bequest from the Barker family in memory of early club member, Neville Barker who lost his life in the war standing on a landmine in the Italian campaign. This hut suffered from being buried by snow in the winter time. The present hut built in 1980 was flown in by helicopter, whereas the first one was carried in by 45 CMC members over three days from Klondyke Comer.

Access to Barker Hut: follow the track from Carrington up the true right past the large slip then cross the White and continue on this side. About halfway you will see the hut sitting on top of the large bluff centre of the basin at about 1500 m. At the foot of the bluff cross the river and climb to the base of the bluff, keeping left follow around until you pick up the track, this will bring you onto the top and the hut. This hut can accommodate 10, four double bunks and two single bunks. This hut is fully insulated with 100mm foam sandwiched with double glazed windows, stainless steel cooking bench, table with bench seat, mountain radio with selcal, solar lighting, fire extinguisher and blanket. When using the outside toilet please make sure the door is securely latched when leaving as high winds and a swinging door result in no door at all and costs the club a lot of unnecessary expense.

Good climbing opportunities surround the basin from Mt Davie at 2280m, Mt Wakeman at 2271m, Mt Murchison at 2408m, & Mt Harper at 2222m . Extended trips over the White Col & down into the Burnet to the Wilberforce then up to the Park Morpeth Hut.