Lockwood Shelter

Lockwood Shelter

The Lockwood Shelter in Temple Basin was built in the summer of 1971-72 with the help of a bequest from the estate of George Lockwood - a keen skier and mountaineer, and one of the founding members of the Christchurch Ski Club. George owned one of the first baches in Arthurs Pass and served on the Park Board for many years.

With its good access and extensive views over to Mt Rolleston the shelter has been a popular destination, and a very convenient base for many alpine instruction courses. In recent years, however, the condition of shelter deteriorated, to the point where in 2009 the Department of Conservation suggested removing it due to the high maintenance costs.

As DoC anticipated, this was not a popular option and many volunteers came forward offering help to fix up and maintain the shelter. The CMC proposed that it take over the management of the shelter and coordinate the fund-raising and repair work necessary.

As part of the fund-raising, all profits from the annual "Highlights from the NZ Mountain Film Festival" evening organised by the CMC have been put towards the shelter. Other donors include the Arthurs Pass Association and the Lockwood family, which has made a generous annual donation. If you would like to make a donation, big or small, please contact the CMC treasurer.

Repair work is being coordinated by Robin Muirson. Many of the materials needed have now been purchased and are on site, and Robin is organising regular work parties. If you would like to help out please contact Robin.