St Winifred Hut

The St Winifred Hut was first established in 1959 after first demolishing the old Havelock Hut (which had been built in1936 by the Erewhon branch below the Forbes). It was carried up to the new site at the Eric Stream by ex army quad and two legged mules, and in the process it was expanded from six bunks to nine on a great site looking up to the headwaters of the Havelock.

In 2004 a large work party descended on St Winifred to upgrade it and add a new covered porch to the entrance. It now has two ss steel bench tops, the old chip heater re-established, area map on wall, fire extinguisher and blanket, mountain radio with selcal, solar lighting, fresh water tank at rear of porch and a new fully inclosed outside toilet. A set of The Canterbury Mountaineer was installed at the hut by Robin Muirson in April 2012.

Access to the hut is up the Havelock River through either:

Erewhon Station, Colin &Christine Drummond, Ph 03 303 9739 or

Mesopotamia Station, Malcolm Prouting, Ph 03 6963738.

4WD access as far as Agony Island is possible depending on river conditions.

There are many climbs in the area -

Veil Peak 2028m, Helmet Peak 2215m, Trireme Peak 2374m, Sword Peak 2336m, Taurou Peak 2321m, Pyramus Peak 2253m, McClure Peak 2486m, Mt D'Archiac 2875m, and also access to the Garden of Eden and Garden of Allah.

New Mountain Radio installed June 09 with self monitoring of the battery, and selcall