Gear hire

General Notes on Gear Hire

The Canterbury Mountaineering Club does not own any gear and therefore does not have any gear to lend for courses. Students are expected to organise their own gear- though it is recommended students borrow or hire rather than buy, wherever possible, particularly where students are unsure of their future gear needs.

An equipment list will be provided for all courses. The points below should be noted.

Students need avalanche gear (transceiver with fresh batteries, shovel and probe) for all courses. If you are hiring, these should be booked well in advance of your course.

Students are expected to organise their own transport to courses (the course convenor will put all course participants in touch to do this). It should be noted that for courses which may be held in the Cragieburns (either as a first choice or as a bad weather back up), snow chains may be required.

As a side note, as Kennedy Lodge (the club hut in Arthurs Pass) only has a few car parks, we suggest that participants car pool. If students need to hire snow chains, they can also split the cost between those car pooling.

Gear hire places

Possible gear hire places include:

If you are a member of another club you may also be able to borrow gear from that club.

If you are hiring boots and/or crampons, please talk to the course convenor to ensure that your boots and crampons are compatible, and that your boots are suitable for a mountaineering environment.