CMC Trip Policy

An important part of the CMC is volunteer organised trips.

Many members will have had their first alpine experiences on club trips. And many will also have organised trips, helping other members enjoy our alpine environment.

If you're thinking of joining or organising a trip, here are some guidelines on what to expect.

Responsibilities of a Trip organiser

Trips should be fun for everyone. They are not very hard to organise and can be very rewarding. Choose a mountain, peak, hill, traverse, route, crag, or whatever and get out there and meet some keen club members!

You cannot be responsible for the safety of every member of the group, but you should aim to help trip participants make their own informed decisions about the proposed trip both before and during the trip.

Choose a realistic goal for the time available and give prospective group members an idea of the amount of effort required to achieve the stated goal

Set a group size limit based on your experience, the goal, time available and group fitness and experience.

Let the group know what skills and equipment are needed when they sign up so that everyone is prepared.

Provide the trip Participants with a copy of the CMC waiver form (link below) and have them understand, sign and return it to you in advance of the trip.

Organise travel arrangements at the earliest opportunity and let everyone know how much they should expect to pay for transport costs (petrol, wear and tear).

Prepare and leave trip intentions with at least one responsible individual. The intentions should include a latest return time/date which would trigger a search initiated by the responsible individual(s) and involving the relevant authorities (Police, SAR, etc).

If someone on the trip voices their concern about a situation it is up to you (with the help of the group) to find a solution, where possible. This might involve sometimes everyone turning around.

Responsibilities of a Trip Participant

Remember that CMC Club trips are voluntary activities. Mountaineering involves risk. It cannot be regarded as absolutely safe. Indeed, hazard and risk are part of the challenge of mountaineering.You are responsible for managing your own safety. The CMC is not responsible for your safety. If you are uncomfortable with any situation it is up to you to let your Trip Organiser, or other members of your group (if the trip has split objectives), to know straight away.

Be prepared to drive or pay transport costs (petrol, wear and tear) as determined by the Trip Organiser

Make sure you are as fit and healthy as possible

Make sure you have a clear idea of the trip's goals and what will be required of you to achieve those goals. Obtain a relevant map and know where you are going, what type of terrain is involved, what gear you will need and the knowledge of how to use it

Be honest to your Trip Organiser about how much experience you have and accept that the Trip Organiser might not accept you on the trip if he/she thinks you are not experienced enough

Get in contact with the Trip Organiser as soon as you are confident that you want to go on the trip.

If you discover that you cannot go on the trip then let the Trip Organiser know as soon as possible so that another person can take your place.

Read, understand and return the signed copy of the CMC waiver form (link below) to the Trip Organiser.

CMC trip information and waiver form - pdf version

CMC trip information and waiver form - docx version